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London homes search: Can I Afford a Buying Agent?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Until recently, buying agents that act on the buyers' behalf, have been the preserve of celebrities and the very wealthy. A business set up by a team of Londoners are changing that perception.

We save the majority of our clients, more than their search fee costs.

People are at the heart of what we do, we understand exactly what you want and find the ideal property. London homes search was set up to give buyers, access to their very own Phil and Kirstie from TV's Location, Location, Location, at prices ordinary people can budget.

London homes search, works with first time buyers, families, people downsizing, everyone who recognise, that hiring an independent, experienced buying agent, is one of the best ways of gaining a competitive advantage in their property search.

Finding a property and choosing the right  location, can be one of the biggest tasks. Buyers are often intimidated by the potential scale of their search. Currently, there are more than 250 agents operating in London, which equates to a lot of time searching.

We use our client's criteria to compile a shortlist of suitable properties for viewing. Their contacts, means they have access to properties coming on to the market and some off market, which gives their clients an immediate edge on the competition.

London homes search look after all the necessary negotiations and supports up to completing and owning your new home. Understanding the 'real' value of a property is something buyers may not have experience in. Most people will purchase a a property three times, in their lifetime, so they don't have the same detailed knowledge of 'hidden' issues that can bring down the price.

In the current market, using a buying agent immediately informs sellers that a buyer is serious. We are experts at helping people who need to move quickly, whether for work purposes or because they have already sold their previous property.

We can also take care of the whole relocation package, from researching schools and catchment areas to commuting routes for the buyer.

So how much does it all cost?

Fees are a £1200 retainer fee to start the search

1.25 % of the purchase price  on exchange of contracts (for properties over £500,000) and under £5000 a flat fee of £5,000.We do not charge VAT

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