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Has the new series of Grand Designs inspired you to build your own home? Building your own home?

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

One of our clients at Greengrass Property is a group of friends in their 60s, two couples and two single women who have been friends since university and have lived fascinating lives together since. 

They had each thought about moving home many times, but had not found the right properties. They had realised that as they got older, living as a small community, with their closest friends was an ideal life choice. The friends had long loved the idea of living closer together but do so in a way where they still maintained their independence. When they saw a group build their own street of homes, on Grand Designs, it gave them the inspiration to see if they could do something similar in London. 

Finding a plot of land in London felt like a daunting prospect, so the group enlisted the help of Greengrass Property, to help them find the right place for them to build their dream small development on. The plan was to each have their own home, but in the same building. They would pool their money from the sales of their prospective homes. The collective sales profits gave the group a healthy budget for a large plot of land or detached building big enough for them each to have an apartment as well as a garden to grow vegetables and erect a communal studio space. 

Their search took us to some interesting and varied options and the group are now agreeing from a shortlist of options where they will make an offer on. Watch this space! 

Greengrass Property can source buildings or houses that can be bought to knock down and build a new home on the land for less than buying a large property in the area.

The increase in self-build properties can be linked in part to the fact that it is getting easier to obtain planning development for these types of developments.

With your own development it is a perfect way to build your very own Grand Designs style home.

Greengrass Property, searching, viewing, giving advice and support throughout the process helped avoid the stress of buying a new home.


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