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Have You Viewed Over 45 Properties? Time to Get Help from Greengrass Property, Search Agents.

I met our clients Joe and Ellie for a coffee, to discuss their property search. They told me reluctantly and sheepishly, they had viewed over 45 properties in the last year. They had relocated from back from working in Asia, and really want to put down roots in London.They had been talking about getting married but wanted to buy there own home together first.

They had seen the article by Laura Silverman in the Telegraph and suddenly felt a pang of hope.It was time for the help of a buying agent.

We met at a cafe in Shoreditch, near where they worked and talked for an hour, about their criteria. With their budget of £525,000 It was either a small house in the Suburbs or a flat in Hackney.

They decided to sign up for a property search,

with Greengrass property, London homes search, and there was suddenly, a light at the end of the tunnel. The search began and that same week, they were viewing new potential homes.

We viewed 8 properties and found they found the one. A two bedroom loft flat in Hackney with great transport links and a raised mezzanine floor, which reminded them of living in Asia.

Greengrass property helped negotiate and their offer was accepted for £505,000 saving £20,000 off the asking price, meant they had money to make the changes to the flat.The solicitors checked all the requirements for refurbishing a leasehold property, to ensure there would not be any restrictions in their covenant.

Within 6 weeks they were ready to exchange and completed the purchase a week later.

Now happily settled in their new home, they said they wished they had heard of a buying agent and had found Greeengrass property sooner.                Joe proposed and Ellie bought her wedding dress, there are happy endings.